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What does a Web Designer in Ludhiana do?

Web designing in Ludhiana is closely related to marketing. Many experienced marketers often talk about the importance of

Web designing in Ludhiana is closely related to marketing. Many experienced marketers often talk about the importance of this service, its cost, where. But few people explain what is specifically related to the design of the website.

We believe that the best way to address the “what” problem is to determine what web designers do during the project.

Concept of Web Development in Ludhiana

In Ludhiana, you have probably heard about web design and web development. Of course, the two will remain together, since all places require that work in both areas be fully functional and orderly.

So, what does a Ludhiana web designer do?

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

These three “languages” are the basis of most websites, and these are three of the largest sets of web design tools. All these are technical “languages”, although HTML and CSS technologies are not technically considered true OCIs.


HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a group of marking symbols that are responsible for structuring the various elements of all websites. He calls the headers, footers, songs, links, photos, etc. HTML: this is what search engines “read” when indexing your site.

The correct HTML code is crucial for a professional and functional website. HTML errors almost always create visual differences on sites that even appear to be users. In the worst case, an incorrect HTML code can severely damage the entire site.


In addition to HTML, you can also view cascading style sheets (CSS). CSS is a stylized HTML element that responds; In other words, CSS controls the appearance of the features of your site for end users.

For example, HTML uses <p> to specify a common header or text. CSS allows the designer to ensure that all <p> elements define the text displayed in a specific color, a specific font size, a specific font, etc.

CSS can be very simple and easy to use for small static websites, but it can quickly reach thousands of lines of code when it comes to larger and more complex websites.


JavaScript is another additional language for HTML and CSS. It is easy to learn when programming languages ​​are running. JavaScript is also distributed through a web developer and web designer.

In summary, JavaScript allows you to manipulate web elements better. HTML and CSS are not necessarily programming languages since they only work as structured and stylish websites. For example, to provide some functions, the element changes color when it floats, but Javascript just needs more.