About Us


GP Webs is a Ludhiana based company which excels in building Websites, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing and Mobile Applications. The team of GP Webs is composed of skilled and experienced personnel, who are deft in creating various types of websites and Smartphone Apps. Having worked in the industry for six years, we have gained extensive knowledge regarding the ins and outs of our area of specialization.

In these times, owning a website is very important for gaining a stronghold over the market. In addition to it, a Search Engine Optimised Website, coupled with cut-through Digital Marketing ideas will give your venture the wings to fly. To make your services more convenient for your customers, the utility of mobile applications arrives. GP Webs has offices in Ludhiana and Ferozepur, and has a vast presence and stature of delivering high-quality work to the clients.

Our esteemed customer management team has always delivered on its promise. Since every customer is important to us, we treat them as a part of our family and consider their needs as top priority. It is a given, that every client of ours has achieved their goal, in an efficient and resourceful manner, at a reasonable price. GP Webs aims to uplift the industry by continuously serving the customers and keeping itself up-to-date with the norms of the trade. Our eminence in the field has ensured that we stay a step ahead of our contemporaries. We will keep on capitalising our technical and practical skill, so as to improve the experience of our customers.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide real-time Web Design and Development services to clients so that they can dominate their niche and hold a leadership position. With solid knowledge, skills, expertise and understanding of the varied industries, we provide business specific Web Design and Development solutions.

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Our Practices

Our holistic practices help businesses to reduce time-to-market, as well as maximize return on investments. It helps them to improve their bottom line and achieve unprecedented growth



User friendly and Unique, the Designing of Websites and Apps will be tailored as per your preferences. Since this feature is necessary for the aesthetic value of the Website/App, we employ a skilled team of professionals to help you in this regard.



Why choose anything staple when you can stand out of the crowd? At GP Webs, we help you in setting the standards when it comes to innovation and efficiency.



By discussing with you regarding your preferred product, we share your vision of building nothing but the best. Our resources are out your disposal, as their application for future tools and services will boost technology.

Our Mission

Our mission Is to provide the customer service and empower businesses. We apply the most innovative approaches to improve the bottom line of businesses. We understand the technology landscape as well as the evolving challenges of increasing technological support. We also understand that end users’ needs are unique. That is why, we provide the best services to our clients. Enjoy our services…